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Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Pregnant Women!

Ok now I know... When my friends told me about pregnant women... now I believe them lol. Hip is doing well. Still a little sickly and all but at least she is excited now. Before we found out she was pregnant we had talked about whether or not we wanted children, and she was very much excited at the prospect til she got pregnant. Then she was all Bleh about it. Told myself not to get upset that it was just her being sick. Cuz I mean cmon... I'm the guy, I was excited, so why not her? She is better now. She definitely likes to make me feel stupid about that I don't know about pregnancies lol. Payback is a ...  yeah well. I feel tired lately. Trying to get the motivation to do stuff but for some reasons it hasn't come yet. I may have to do it anyways and just screw the motivation. Hip and I haven't really bitched at each other much. Sometimes when she wants me to rub her feet for the 190581094571045971405917345019345 time that day. I mean I can't even get a hug without asking and she wants an unlimited footrub supply wtf?! Yes I know what everyone is about to post... She's preg... that's the least you can do... uh huh... suck it :P Okie I am going to update my resume' now.

Later all

Posted at 09:36 am by Kelmar
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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

So everyone keeps calling me dad. It's really weird to say the least. Part of me is scared and another part of me is excited, and I range through all the emotions in between. Hip is starting to feel better "knock on wood." She has been through more hardcore emotions than I have I think. She is feeling what I am only on the nth level. I dunno tho... am I supposed to be scared shitless?! I mean peeps have babies all the time. I know people with kids... my sister, my friend Chris, my cousins and Hip's family as well. I mean they are all over the place :) The only thing I really worry about right now is making sure Hip has what she needs, getting a better job and starting school in the spring. Bah... so many things to talk about and so little time. Ok gotta head to work. Hip if you are reading this... go write a real blog :p

Posted at 09:41 am by Kelmar
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Sunday, October 09, 2005
Baby= Purple Item?!

Hello all... Well, Hip is pregnant and pretty much everyone knows. So now I can write blogs about it. Well I can definitely see the mood swings already lol. She is really short tempered right now and a but fussier than usual but I think she is doing pretty well considering she gave up smoking, caffeine and hasn't been able to eat a whole bunch in like 2 weeks now. I am really excited but I think she needs some more time to be honest. She told me she wanted children and I know somewhere she's happy and exctied too I just think she feels too much like ass right now to be all sunshine about it. She hasn't had very much morning sickness, but she does feel sick at times. I dunno we prbly have a lot of fun stuff in store for us. Mon begins the search for the new and better job again ASAP. Higher paying job needed right now plz :) School starts in Jan and yes I am still going. I am sure it will be hard but I know lots of people in school that have kids and they make it. Hip goes to the doctor on Mon and I think she will be posting on her blog after that. I gave you guys a blog cuz I knew some out there were wondering why the hell we hadn't written anything. I'll keep everyone aprised of any funnies and I will probably vent any frustrations here too :P Ok later all.

Posted at 10:01 am by Kelmar
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Wednesday, October 05, 2005
Chinese gold farmers!

You all know I play WoW by now. In the game there is a business within the game, that of the chinese gold farmer. These are people that sit there and play the game for companys that then turn around and sell gold from the game for real cash. This is not in anyone condoned by Blizzard or any other company that makes the mmorpg. Having explained that, here's my story. Markel is in the middle of Ironforge when he sees someone selling an item for 60g. Holy mother... I have that item. Is it really selling for 60g? So I /whisper him and ask "Hey, are people really buying that for 60g?" The response I got was "You want for 60g?" Then I'm like "No, I wanted to know if it was actually selling for that much." Said player invites me to group with him. I accept and he runs up and tries to trade me the item. I whisper him again and tell I don't want to buy it. He comes back with "Me sell to you now." Bad english = farmer. So I disband the group and walk off. He comes and finds me again and opens a trade window. I cancel it and run off. Now those new shoulders I have stand out in IF... not very many players have them. So he runs up again and opens a trade window. I run off into the auction house where there are a lot of toons running around and immediatley take my shoulders and sword off throw on my shield and diff shoulders and commence to hiding in the crowd. Immediately I think I have lost him and I did, but then I realized my toon is hiding from another toon, by switching clothes, because of a real life guys who wants to make money off of me. I laughed a long time off of that. On another note, Hip needs to get better. I think she is feeling the strain from feeling crappy so long and it is starting to change her demeanor in a bad way :( Hope she gets better or I am throwing her in the truck despite her protests and taking her to the doctor. Hip if you are reading this... GO DRINK THE CRANBERRY JUICE!!!!

Posted at 10:51 am by Kelmar
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Monday, October 03, 2005

Well, if you look behind the words and see me Dwarf... I finally got those shoulders:) I was really happy cuz I have wanted to get them for a long time. See, you have to go to the place with about 40 other peeps and then have to spend about 3 hours killing stuff and do some really hard boss fights to get them. In the game they are called the "of Might" pieces and I almost have a full set. After we down the number 1 guy in Molten Core, Ragnaros* who is the guys to the left of my toon, the one with all the fire coming outta him, we can go to Blackwing's Lair. There is a BIG dragon there. Anyways, Hip is still sick. Hope she feels better soon or Ima make her go to the doctor :) She's been sleeping on the couch and staying up weird hours cuz she's sick :( Haven't gotten to see her too much. Ah well

Later folks

Posted at 10:20 am by Kelmar
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Sunday, September 25, 2005
Bad Timing

Saturday I wake up and start my day off by telling my mom Happy Bday and then commenced to chill cuz it was my day off. As I begin to chill Hip wakes up and seems a little off. Amber and CJ come over to hang cuz they didn't have any power due to Rita. It was pretty fun. CJ plays a lot of the same video games the I do so it's cool. He's kinda quiet tho. The girls sat there typing im's back in fort and giggling... about what you ask? Who knows but it seemed funny at the time. Then I notice Hip keeps giving me the "goto hell" look. Now sometimes peeps wake up and it's just one of them days yanno... I have them myself. Now I know what you are thinking... what did Martin do. Believe it or not when I get looks and they confuse me... I also try and think what I have done. Whilst in my reverie of "OMG I screwed up" Amber and Sony go and make an alcohol run at like 4 in the afternoon. Early start that one was. They try to teach me 3man but after 2 glasses of Mudslide and only rolling the dice once and being made to wear the 3man hat I decided that perhaps this game was rigged or that, at the very least, wasn't my game. Because I was feeling woozy early I decided to bake cinnamon rolls which I burned cuz I wasn't paying attention while I was playing a game. Then Hip tells us its time to go to Ceejay's Bday party. Another CeeJay no CJ. Yes, it is quite confusing. Hip has a lot of stories and people she knows that either act the same, share the storyline or have the same name. Anyways, we talked about doin this last like tues or wed but I, evidently, forgot about it and had told the guild that I would go with them to Onyxia at 9:30. Well, I was like hrm maybe I can do both. Hip didn't think so too much and I got fussed at for forgetting and then fussed at for thinking that people had parties during daytime hours. Which I thought was unfair about that last one. Anyways Hip is mad at me... I'm confused, and Amber and CJ are starting to argue as well. Needless to say the party wasn't much fun for anyone. Although I did get to see Aunt Linda whom I haven't seen in FOREVER. Hip goes out there sometimes but I am either working or just plain don't feel like goin. Aunt Linda fussed at me for me not coming to see her more which I rightly deserved *sheepish*. So Sony and I eventually makeup at the party... Ya see... if she's mad... feed her potato salad and rice dressing and she will love you again lol. So we are on the way home when she says she wants to talk to me and I'm like cool cuz I wanna talk to her too. When we get home Amber and CJ come with us and chill a little bit and then leave. Hip and I talked and it was good and fun and not mean. So we are cool. She still feels a little funky but hey... can't do nuffin about that :( So tonoght I came home and did my Sun MC run and find out that the Helm of Wrath which I was up for dropped on the Onyxia run I missed out on lol... and that Socc pulled ahead of my by 1 point cuz he did Onyxia which allowed him to get those damn shoulders ahead of me lol... I was like jeeez and laughed. Thought it was ironic. But I tell you something, they may have gotten the gear but I have the Hip :) So I fucking pwn their asses lol.

Posted at 10:17 pm by Kelmar
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Friday, September 09, 2005

Ok peeps... My puter is back up and working... EVEN WoW is working right now. Also, Hip went and pimped some discs for protection. So we are all good to go.

Short short


Posted at 09:38 pm by Kelmar
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Back in time!

Well, I can now post from home on the actual Blogdrive site. Hip will be ecstatic just as soon as she wakes up and realizes it. Can you say SWWEEETTT!! Another thing... reformatting your puter is a good thing from time to time:) Makes it run much faster. You just never know where you pick stuff up from lol. Errr sometimes you do but you should never go back to those sites lol. I went over to Chris' tonite to play WoW. Yeah I know... but I had Molten Core tonite and it's a guild event n all. Glad I went to because I got the best 2H sword in the game. I mean it is wicked sick:p Now I am sitting up really really later but I wanted to reinstall WoW on the puter. Hip will have so much to do when she gets up... she'll be happy just sitting here smoking and drinking her cokes and killin the code on blogdrive. I am going to leave installing PSP to her tho cuz I am tired as it is yet too excited to sleep just yet. Ok that's about all.


Posted at 01:25 am by Kelmar
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Saturday, August 27, 2005
As requested

Haven't written one of these in a while... lesse ... still workin at the Wal-mart :( Not to happy about it but not sad either... decent job but managers are insane. Still playing WoW but might be slowing down some.


Hip has a new admirer that isn't me LOL... I am truly worried that she will up and leave me for him since I am an U.P. now :p


Been living with Hip for a while now. Yanno... I love that girl so much. We rarely have any fights or arguments... the other night we stayed up talking to each other for like 5 hours straight till 6 am I think. No one can make me talk like my little pooooodin pie.


On WoW the other day... they have this chica cough... Nichi from ... cough Fortis. Well, she got all bent outta shape cuz I killed something where she was... No didn't kill her just a mob. The chica went ballistic... told me "you don't know who you just pissed off." Which seemed funny at the time but now is just more than silly. People take that shit waaaaay to seriously at times.


I started rereading a series of books that I haven't read in like 10 years cuz a new one is coming out. I don't think I really reread stuff too much and it seems that it is, for lack of a better word, nostalgic for me. I remember the story but I also remember the events that were happening at the time I was reading the story. Right after I read the first book is when I first got my driver's license. I went to pick up Ray and bought the second and third in the series that day on the way back to my folks house... Right after the book store... BAM crash into the back of a suburban and managed to hit two other cars for a total of 4 car pile up. Books were good tho :) Alright I guess that's enough and I hope this emai

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Monday, June 20, 2005
Things you don't expect

Ok so here's the thing... Everyone knows that I have been working overnights. Well, the other night I call Sony and am like wth r u doin? She says she's playing the game. I'm like what game? SHE WAS PLAYING WoW?! WTF? I figure she will play for like and hour or two and then get bored but nooooooooo. I come home at 2 she is still playing ?! WTF! Not only that but she left the stove on for a pizza she never cooked but was supposed to at like 12. I told her I would call her at 5, and she says that she will be asleep but to call anyways. I call and she sounds upset... I ask what's the matter and she says "I can't find this lady I am supposed to help." SHE WAS STILL PLAYIN lol. So then I get home a little early... like 6:53 and she's like "You are home too early." Yes!! She was still playing lol. Then she got sleepy and fell out... Folks, that was 7 hours straight. Like in the Matrix... "She's a machine." Then I play some and go to sleep cuz I was gonna get up and go with her to visit her parents. I wake up and she isn't in the bed... yes she's playing again. I never would have thought in a million years... No I don't run around and tell her how to play ... I have left her alone pretty much. Somebody get this girl a car and house cuz she's mine... Ya hear that Keith... MINE lol... K later

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